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+44 (0) 1772 875 585 PETROTEK UK Unit 3 | Progress Business Park | Orders Lane | Preston | PR4 2TZ | UK
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We help you plan or undertake maintenance routines without the hazards normally associated with rope access activities

Riser & Installation Jacket Inspections

Riser and Installation jacket inspections are a high-risk activity in the offshore oil and gas industry. The need to inspect the riser’s and jacket is paramount due to the exposed nature of the structure and riser’s. Utilising UAV’s to carry out these GVI’s enables operating companies to monitor, track and identify any problems with the steel structures and enable them to plan maintenance and repair regimes in a timely manor.


Eliminate safety risk

Traditional inspection activities using rope access always have an element of risk due to the nature of the task. Utilising UAVs eliminates the risk associated with rope access over open sea.

Reduce human error

The UAV is able to be operated from the installation or by standby vessel. This eliminates personnel being committed to carry out the physical inspection thereby reducing the potential for accidents or incident.

Quality operational intelligence

The data acquired from the UAV inspections can be utilised to form a historical log / inspection evidence. This data can be replicated on future inspections and comparisons made to monitor any degradation in structural integrity

The Petrotek process

Having worked first hand, globally on both oil and gas installations, Petrotek’s specialist team has over 20 years offshore experience. We can produce detailed riser and installation jacket reports, recommendations and visual data for one-off, repeat or emergency projects.

With vast industry experience we can work alongside your existing inspection team during planned maintenance schedules or more regular to monitor deterioration.  Petrotek inspections will provide data on the condition of the risers and structural steel jacket, undertaken by skilled offshore and CAA qualified engineers.

We can assemble and mobilise to site rapidly where required or plan meticulous scheduled inspections on a regular basis. Our inspection process typically takes 2 days and will provide several hours of detailed visual 4k high definition video data, and high resolution photography along with reports and recommendations where required.

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