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Our most popular service, Petrotek boom & flare tip inspections save our clients millions of dollars each year

Boom & Flare Tip Inspections

As part of maintenance management systems, scheduled flare tip, flare tower / boom and associated pipework inspections are required usually every 1-2 years, or as specified by the organisation’s insurance stipulations. However, if the inspection due to be undertaken is of a manual nature, and the asset’s boom and flare tip are in good order, then this inevitably leads to further shut-downs and premature part upgrade costs where they may not be needed.

By using UAV drone inspections, a complete shut-down is a much more carefully planned operation, using business intelligence and data provided by a Petrotek report. This brings our clients benefits on numerous levels.


Cost saving

On average a Petrotek inspection will save in excess of $4M vs a manual inspection. This figure does not take into account additional cost savings gained through the ability to plan shut-downs more accurately.

The ability to pre order specialist parts as required thereby eliminating costly, not required equipment. Also the ability to plan logistically for specialised heavy lift helicopters for flare tip replacement.


The advancement in UAV technology has allowed for exceptionally reliable drones allowing image data capture on a quality never seen before. The size and adaptability of the UAV’s allow for much closer inspections of live systems, added to image quality and zoom capability available it gives the operating company a higher degree of confidence in the inspection.

The UAV can be deployed quickly and is able to cover the inspection area in a more efficient manor than traditional inspection method’s.


By utilising UAV’s to carry out initial inspections the operator is able to conduct inspections on live systems which have only previously been possible through the use of Helicopters. Given the size of the UAV’s they are able to gain closer access to the live system’s without any compromise in safety.

Operational Intelligence

The data acquired from the UAV inspections can be utilised to form a historical log / inspection evidence. This data can be replicated on future inspections and comparisons made to monitor any degradation in structural integrity.

The Petrotek process

Petrotek’s specialist team has over 20 years offshore experience having worked first hand on vessels all over the world.

We can produce close visual and thermal live boom, flare stack and flare tip inspections, providing detailed reports, recommendations and visual data for one-off, repeat or emergency projects.

We can work alongside your existing inspection team during planned maintenance schedules or more regular to monitor deterioration.  Petrotek inspections will provide data on the condition of the flare boom, flare tip, flare stack, radiation shield, supporting structures and flare ignition system, undertaken by skilled offshore and CAA qualified engineers.

We can assemble and mobilise to site rapidly where required or plan meticulous scheduled inspections on a regular basis. Our inspection process typically takes 2 days and will provide several hours of detailed visual 4k high definition video data, thermal imaging data and high resolution stills along with reports and recommendations where required.

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